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Meli Greek Heather Honey from ios Island, 250gr Glass jar

Meli Greek Heather Honey from ios Island, 250gr Glass jar

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is the Greek word for honey. It is pronounced mæÉLee.


In ancient Greek mythology, honey was considered food for the Gods and the basic ingredient of “ambrosia”.  Zeus was believed to have been raised by the sacred bees in the island of Crete.


superb heather honey from Ios island. 100% Greek bee-honey, from heather blossoms. Natural toffee colour, thick texture and a unique taste with hints of caramel. Unblended and un-pasteurized (not processed with heat). (limited annual quantities)


Honey is ideal for a healthy & nutritious breakfast. Try it on buttered freshly-toasted pita (or bread); in cereal with milk; in your tea, coffee or milk. Amazing and100% natural sweetener; excellent substitute for sugar in tea, coffee and pastry. Try also as a topping on original Greek yogurt, on pancakes or ice-cream.


Vegetarian, ISO 22000, ISO 9001


100% bee-honey from Ios island (Cyclades, Aegean sea)


additives, preservatives, glucose syrup, syrups, artificial sweeteners or flavours.